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Consult the Best Jhansi Lawyers / Advocates & Legal/ Law Firm. Legal Hills Associates is a leading full service multi-disciplinary Indian law firm servicing the needs of individual as well as corporate clients. Legal Hills Associates adopt a forward-looking & an anti-benchmarking approach towards the variety of practice areas of law, combining both conventional practice areas and emerging sectors, setting benchmarks and the highest technical standards within the legal fraternity.

After many years of building expertise in different spheres of law, Legal Hills Associates took step in the year 2023 of launching our own law firm. With its principal office in District Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh), the firm advises a diverse clientele. This firm is staffed by lawyers with significant and substantive experience in the different branches of law and Social Justice Sector together with the volunteer law interns who wish to pursue legal careers in social justice and various other fields of law.

Our firm has thrived not only as a result of our litigation success but also because of our commitment of treating our clients with personal attention, dedication and respect. Our team of well qualified and substantively experienced lawyers bring entrepreneurial energy to work together with shared values for greater standards of service with a high degree of professionalism and responsiveness.

We have grown organically, resulting in a highly cohesive firm sharing strong work and client service ethic & also have a reputation of providing our clients with cost-effective legal services in an aggressive, professional, diligent and honorable manner. Our people are relentless, aggressive/incisive, pioneering and accountable in our commitment to create success for our clients. We provide a new level of legal services that bridges the gap between the law, society & modern business in reality.

Legal Hills Associates has also developed a specialised model whereby free legal services can also be provided to the eligible clients through the use of technology, irrespective of the location, making the service completely accessible to people living in regional, remote and rural areas as well those living in cities.


The first step of our approach here at Legal Hills Associates? Listening to you & explain your legal situation.

Who are you? What is happening? What is most important to you? We place a high importance on establishing a relationship of knowledge, faith and trust with our clients.

We want to really get to know and understand our clients. We want to know what’s at stake and what your goals are. We want to know what information you can provide to us so we can help you.

Our primary goal is to provide each client with the highest quality legal service and to obtain a fair and equitable resolution for each client. This goal will be accomplished through our Advocates’ diligence and dedicated work within the confines of the law and through a cooperative working relationship between an Advocate and client.

Our Advocates are qualified to resolve most legal disputes through arbitration, negotiation, mediation, or compromise. Matters that are not settled in this manner will be litigated either before a Magistrate, Judge or an arbitrator.

Whatever your current legal needs may be, we suggest that you contact our office to make an appointment to meet with one of our Advocates. This initial consultation with one of our Advocates will allow you to develop a complete understanding of the legal issue involved.

Our team of Advocates commonly resolve legal issues such as Arbitration Law, Banking Laws, Personal Injury, NI Act 1881, Property Law, Criminal Offenses, Family Law, Commercial & Contract Law, Labor & Employment Laws, Juvenile Offenses, Divorce, Maintenance and more. Consult with a highly experienced Lawyers by calling our Legal Hills Associates law firm +919559229623, +919795999009, +918808566581.


Unlike many law firms, we take a lean approach to staffing cases – using focused teams of experienced Advocates where possible who often interact with our clients, delivering quality work product and customized service. No client is taken for granted, and every client receives hands-on attention from partners who ‎personally ensure work quality, efficiency, and results. We pursue cutting edge legal theories and find creative solutions to complex legal problems. When the stakes are highest, clients count on Legal Hills Associates.



Our Vision is a society where delivery of justice is not inhibited by any reason whatsoever & where all people have equitable access to justice, regardless of their caste, sex, religion, personal traits or affiliations. We strive to be a law firm of the choice of the people and therefore, we are proud to leverage our talent, innovation and relationships to make a positive and sustainable societal impact for our clients, our people and the world.


Our Mission is to deliver a high quality, creative, and result – oriented legal team to individuals and businesses, and serve as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of clients’ business growth and development. Further, our mission is also to provide personalized representation and walk the most difficult paths with our clients and clear them with Advocacy and due diligence. We assume our responsibility to render strategic, effective and comprehensive legal solutions to our clients across varied areas of law through multidimensional approach in an efficient, confidential and committed manner. We attend to the specific needs of our clients and provide effective Advocacy with knowledge and Tenacity and treat others with Dignity.


Legal Hills Associates has a proud tradition of assisting the vulnerable members of the community to protect their rights. Consistent with our values and culture we are strongly committed to PRO-BONO services to “missing-middle” community or to the indigent, moderate, underserved and low income earners of the society.

The term “missing- middle” refers to the growing number of low to moderate income earners in India who are unable to afford a private lawyer.

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